If you have reached the “Mounting” section, that means you have already made the most suitable choice for you, from all points of view: quality, price, safety, durability, warranty, in terms of façade, fireplace, grill, alleys in the garden or outdoor terraces and this, because you bought smart, buying Feldhaus Klinker or Klinker ABC products, respectively: brick, paving or ceramic flooring. To ease your work, we come to your aid with the mounting steps, specific to each product category. Success to work!

Apparent brick mounting

montaj caramida aparenta

STEP 1 The pieces of apparent brick will be fixed with flexible adhesive, by the double application method, using a notched trowel, to obtain the so-called “mortar bed in the shape of comb”.
STEP 2 The apparent brick will be fixed by strong pushing, moving slightly left-right, until the desired shape is reached. After fixing, should not remain air bubbles in the mass of the adhesive.
STEP 3 To obtain uniform joints, the ”poles” will be fixed from place to place, and between them will be used the level rope. The joints are recommended to have the size of 10 mm.
STEP 4 Mounting of Klinker will be done from the corners, to an opening (door, window) or between openings. For edges, we recommend the use of corners elements, fact which will create an irreproachable appearance of the masonry.
STEP 5 The joints of the plated surfaces with the apparent brick will be made with a special putty for klinker, flexible, hydrophobic, mineral, made of natural sands, sorted and dried. The grout for klinker will be prepared as a semi-dry mortar, and the application will be made with a special trowel. Grounting will be done starting with horizontal joints, followed by filling the vertical joints. If the putty reaches the surface of the klinker plates, it will easily remove with a brush.

Pavement mounting

montaj pavaj

STEP 1 – realization of the foundation
Klinker ceramic pavements require a foundation made of materials that provide good drainage of rainwater, most notably using the 0-32 sorts (ballast). Depending on the traffic, the depth of the foundation will be between 10-60 cm. The foundation will be compacted until a suitable thickness layer is obtained.
STEP 2 – leveling the foundation
The surface of the foundation for the klinker pavement will be flattened with the bumble bead or with the straight, then apply a layer of 1-1,5 cm of sand which, at his turn, it will level.
STEP 3 – pavement mounting
The mounting of the klinker tiles will be done starting with the lateral rows, paying great attention to the angles and continuing with the inner rows, for a perfect linearity will be used a rope.
The mounting of the Feldhaus Klinker pavement can be done using different joints, such as : fitting in the long, joining in half, elbow joint, 2 flat-jointed joint or popular joining in V.
STEP 4 – Grouting
The Klinker pavement will be grown with sand, which will be swept in joints, possibly moistened, for a better settlement in the space between pavements. At the end, the excess sand should be removed.
STEP 5 – Compaction
Klinker paving slabs will be compacted with the vibrating plate. After compacting, it may be necessary to refill the joints with sand.

Floor mounting

montaj pavaj

Step 1 – realizing the klinker floor support
The screed on which the klinker ceramic flooring will be mounted need to be flat, dry and resistant to compression. It can also be self-leveling.
Step 2 – Klinker floor mounting
For the application of klinker floor tiles, will be used flexible adhesive, resistant to high demand and resistant to frost, in the case of outdoor flooring. The adhesive will be deposited on the substrate and will be stretched with the toothed trowel. Ceramic floor tiles will be mounted by pressing and left-right movements. For Klinker floor mounting, will be used the “cross” spacers, the recommendation regarding joint size is 5 mm.
Step 3 – Grouting
Anti-skid flooring should be filed with special, flexible grouts, which will apply semi-dry, as indicated by the manufacturer.
Advantages of the Klinker floor:
* resistance over time of the shape and colors; due to the raw material used, namely clay;
* resistance to over 100 freeze-thaw cycles;
* resistance to oils, acids and bases, which makes it ideal not only for the residential environment, but also industrial ones;
* homogeneous structure, the klinker floor being unglazed, which results in a very low water absorption rate, of maximum 0,3%;
* high degree of anti-skidding.

Polystyrene mounting

montaj pavaj

Step 1 – Mounting of Isosystem Klinker milling polystyrene boards
For starters, the special Klinker adhesive, from quartz sands and glass fiber, is laid on the back of the polystyrene boards, on the edges and at some points in the middle, after which, these will apply on the support surface by sliding and pressing firmly. After drying the adhesive, at least 24 hours, depending on the weather conditions, the polystyrene boards will be armored, using metal rod dowels, usually 6 pieces/square meter.
Step 2 – Apparent brick mounting
On the raster insulating surfaces, will be deposited the special klinker brick adhesive and, with a special trowel, the so-called “pallet-shaped mortar bed” effect will be achieved. The adhesive will be applied in a thin layer and on the brick plate, after which it will be laid on the insulating surface, on the mortar bed. The excess mortar which goes out of the apparent brick plates, is removed in a wet condition, with the help of a trowel for joints.
Step 3 – Grounting
After drying the adhesive, the apparent brick joints will be finished, according to the specific instructions.
Advantages of using Klinker specially molded polystyrene:
* eliminating the need to use the net, as in the case of ordinary polystyrene;
* eliminating the need to use spacers and level rope, due to the presence of joint grooves;
* reducing the time required for installation even by 50%;
* reducing installation costs;
* increased thermal comfort, due to the superior quality of the polystyrene used.

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